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trilogy book series

The Black College Sabbatical - FALL QUARTER Welcomes All to Heritage State University where the co-eds become your friends too! Meet Kyla, the bougeios one. Tina is the sassy one. Ananda is the athletic one. Cierra is the home-girl. Four friends who meet by chance and under the watchful eyes of a Guardian Angel, embark on a journey of a lifetime that will take them far beyond the books. With lies, betrayal, deceit and secrets always a blink away, Perseverance, Ambition, Loyalty and Integrity are a necessity to complete the journey. Venture on a trip to not only learn about the Good, Bad and Ugly of black college life, but to also experience the effects of growing up in such culturally rich surroundings! Which one needs the Angel most? The journey starts here. Welcome to Heritage State University...where Heritage is Life!
The Black College Sabbatical - WINTER QUARTER the Hotties of Heritage State University are Back and the Drama is on! Kyla's sorority quest forces her to come to some stunning realizations about her sister, Kayla and herself. Ananda's overload of classes, sports and addiction all her down a dangerously unsteady road. Cee-Cee's working on a relationship that might prove to be detrimental to her well being as she knows it. Tina's got more than just one admirer, and that's just the beginning of her troubles as she stuggles to fit in. Lastly, The Guadian Angel is ever present on a mission to protect...but who needs The Angel most? Join the Journey and prepare for one helluva ride during The Black College Sabbatical - WINTER QUARTER
The Black College Sabbatical - SPRING QUARTER is the long awaited third installment of the urban series that demonstrates how alliances made at historically black colleges last a lifetime and impacts the masses for generations to come. Kyla, Ananda, Cierra, Tina and all their friends and family are BACK and each will learn things about themselves and one another that definitely display where real loyalties lie. Their moral character, strengths, ambitions and courage will all be tested and the questions is, Can their FRIENDSHIPS survive? Will forgiveness be possible for Kyla once she learns the truth about Chavon and her sister? Will Ananda battle her demons or succumb to them? Is Cierra mature enough to handle her adult love affair like a grown woman? Will Tina ever adjust to the skin she's in enough to let the right love into her life? Can newcomer, Hayley fit in with a click that came to be without her? Lastly whose problems need extra attention from our resident Guardian Angel? Who is Angel present to protect? Find the answers to these questions and a lot more during the Black College Sabbatical - SPRING QUARTER. Too HOT to HANDLE and It's about Time!
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